Cross-Border Psychological Assistance

We stand by you in the support you will offer to your employees all over the world. We provide 24/7 consultancy to your employees with our 4 different language options and online psychological support packages.

Corporate Psychology Interviews

Organized as open only to the participation of your employees, corporate psychology conversations are designed to improve employee happiness and address employees' common emotional problems through training.

Workplace Psychologist

International Support in 4 Different Languages! Workplace Psychologist is a scope that can be supported by companies of all sizes, global or local, aiming to create a healthy and efficient work environment. It is an individual support program designed for employees; it aims to increase the psychological resilience of employees while ensuring their psychological safety.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program is a corporate psychological counseling service. Your employees and their families can get psychological support 24/7 by talking to our expert psychologists on the phone at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of days and dates to receive consultancy will be determined in accordance with the need by discussing with the Human Resources department.


It makes the working environment in the company more peaceful and productive, and if the problems within the team are shared with the psychologist, the friendship relations are positively affected.

Since it will increase the self-confidence of individuals, it supports open communication in all areas and quick results occur in business processes. Employees know that they are psychologically safe and that their personal space is respected.

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As Sento Consultancy, we prioritize the individual first and foremost. We think that it is a fundamental right for all individuals in professional life to work in a workplace with psychological safety, and we design all our services on this axis with an understanding that focuses on confidentiality, security and professionalism. With our team, all of which have the title of “Psychologist”, we design services that will maximize employee experience and loyalty.